What to Do When BIOS Does Not Recognize the Hard Drive?

Published: 09th January 2009
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During POST or Power On Self Test, computer BIOS attempts to get information regarding all of the devices attached to your computer system. After examining the processor and primary memory (RAM), it checks for the devices like hard drive, CD ROM etc and shows them with messages on screen like 'Found Primary Master' and 'detecting IDE drives' etc.

-> POST (Power On Self Test) is the first thing done by BIOS when your computer first boots up. POST is an in-built diagnostic program, which examines the hardware of your computer system to make sure that everything is available and working properly.

Many times, the BIOS of your computer just declines to recognize the hard drive, basically makes it unusable- there is no way in which your operating system will recognize the hard drive if BIOS can not. Let's observe why all this happens.

The most frequent reason of this problem is a badly connected or loose data cable. You should first ensure that data cable is properly plugged in, both into the motherboard as well as the hard drive.

The same thing goes for the power cable, so you should check it as well. You should also make sure that red lines on data cable and the power cable are contiguous to one another.

Once you have ruled out the cable problems, you need to check out the jumper settings on hard drives. If two hard drives are attached to a port, ensure that one is set as masters and other as slave.

Next, ensure that the hard drive controllers on motherboard are not disabled. These hard drive controllers control the IDE devices and without them BIOS could not detect the hard drives.

If any of the above mentioned methods does not work, you need to search for a data recovery expert to cure your hard drive. It seems that hard drive has some internal problems, which can not be cured without opening it. And you are not recommended to open your hard drive at your own.

Data recovery experts are highly qualified and trained professionals, who know all ins and outs of the hard drive and are able to fix most of the physical hard drive problems. To ensure absolute and safe data recovery, always go for the experienced and reliable data recovery company.

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